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10.    Ameloblastoma of the mandible in a male dog - A case report - B. N. Shivakumar, Manohara Upadhya
Vet World. 2011; 4(7): 328-329

doi: 10.5455/vetworld.2011.328-329

Ameloblastomas are odontogenic tumors known for their aggressive nature. Because of the odontogenic origin, they are seen affecting the mandible and maxilla. Like humans, animals like dogs, horses may also develop these lesions. In this report, ameloblastoma of the mandible in a male dog is described, The lesion clinically appeared like an exophytic growth on the gingiva near mandibular left canine tooth, radiograph showed a large multilocular radioleucency with destruction of the lower mandible. The lesion recurred after 2 years following the conservative removal. This case report is interesting because similar to humans, the dogs too suffer from the odontogenic lesions. The radiographic, histologic features and the behaviour pattern were similar to humans' where as the treatment rendered was only conservative keeping the limited life span of the dog.

Keywords: Ameloblastoma, Canine, Mandible, Odontogenic tumor.