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6.    B-mode real time ultrasonographic imaging of the heart in sheep - A Aissi
Vet World. 2011; 4(10): 467-469


doi: 10.5455/veworld.2011.467-469

The anatomical structure of normal heart was studied in vitro through ultrasonography of 27 healthy hearts of sheep collected following slaughter. Ultrasonography was done in the water with 25o C by sectorial transducer from 2 cm distance. In the laboratory, the waves of ultrasonography were sent from right ventricle (RV). The thickness of left ventricle wall (LV) (20.692.628mm), right ventricle wall (RV) (8.102.138mm) and inter ventricular space (IVS) (18.9251.984mm) were measured by ultrasonography. After preparing ultrasonogrphes obtained by in vitro ultrasonography were compared with natural anatomical views. Also biometrical measurements were compared with sizes were measured by ultrasonography measurement. Biometrical measurements were performed by a special ruler (caliper) right ventricle thickness (7.61.957mm), left ventricle thickness (19.201.563mm) and inter-ventricular space thickness is (17.9811.786mm). Keywords: Ultrasonography, heart, sheep, anatomy.