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8. Disposal and utilization of broiler slaughter waste by composting - N Bharathy, R Sakthivadivu, K Sivakumar and V Ramesh Saravanakumar
Vet World. 2012; 5(6): 359-361

Aim: To know the feasibility of hygienic and environmentally safe method of disposal of broiler slaughter house waste with coir pith and caged layer manure.

Materials and Methods: Compost bins (4 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet) were established with concrete blocks with air holes to facilitate aerobic composting. The broiler slaughter waste and coconut coir pith waste were collected from the local market, free of cost. The caged layer manure available from poultry farms were utilized as manure substrate. Physical properties and chemical composition of ingredients were analyzed and a suitable compost recipe was formulated (USDA-NRCS, 2000). Two control bins were maintained simultaneously, using caged layer manure with coir pith waste and water in a ratio of 0.8:3:1.2 (T2) and another one bin using caged layer manure alone(T3).

Results: At the end of composting, moisture content, weight and the Volume of the compost were reduced significantly (P<0.01), pH, EC, TDS, total organic carbon and total nitrogen content were also significantly (P<0.01) reduced at the finishing of composting. Calcium, phosphorous and potassium content was progressively increased during composting period. The finished compost contains undetectable level of salmonella. Cowpea and sorghum seeds showed positive germination percentage when this finished compost was used. It indicated that all of the finished compost was free from phytotoxin substances.

Conclusion: The results indicated that, composting of slaughter waste combined with coir pith waste may be a hygienic and environmentally safe method of disposal of broiler slaughter house waste.

Keywords: Composting, Disposal, Nutrient content, Slaughter waste