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7. Analysis of small ruminant market system in different agro-climatic zones of southern India - D Ramesh, H R Meena and K L Meena
Vet World. 2012; 5(5): 288-293

This study examines the marketing system of small ruminants in three different agro-climatic zones of Karnataka in India. Multistage random sampling technique was used to select 60 small ruminant farmers from three viz. Bijapur (Arid zone), Gulbarga (Semi-arid zone) and Udupi (Coastal zone) district of Karnataka state. A structured questionnaire which had earlier been subject to face validity and has a reliability coefficient of 0.87 was used to collect data from the samples respondents. Data was analysed using statistical package for social science (SPSS).The results of the study revealed that marketing of small ruminants is haphazard in the study areas. Majority of the respondents (85%) sold their animal when they needed cash for home consumption followed by to pay off loan (28.3%) was the main reason to sell their animals. Important marketing channels were relatives and friends, local markets and village collectors. Farmers gave different reasons for selling their animals through different channels. Majority of the farmers used relatives and friends as one of the marketing channels. Most of farmers also felt that there was a difference in the price offered by village collectors and the price they were getting in the livestock markets. And a few of them were of the opinion that village collectors were not reliable in marketing. Price of the animals was establishing based on the body confirmation of the animal. Study also revealed that injured animals fetch less value than the healthy animals.

Key words: Agro-climatic Zone, Goat, Marketing of Small Ruminant, Sheep, Small Ruminant