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Research (Published online : 14-06-2013)

25. Evaluation of the constitutive expression levels of ch-TLR 3, ch-TLR 4, ch-TLR 15 and ch-TLR 21 genes in the Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of native Indian poultry breeds, Aseel and Kadaknath - Meeta V. Patel, Pankaj Kumar, Hemen Das, Abidali Dadawala, H. C. Chauhan, B. S. Chandel, N. M. Shah, H. N. Kher
Vet World. 2013; 6(8): 568-572

Aim: To assess the basal constitutive expression levels of ch-TLR3, ch-TLR 4, ch-TLR 15 and ch-TLR 21 in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in Aseel and Kadaknath chicks (Indian native poultry breeds) and to evaluate the differences in their general innate immune competence.

Materials and Methods: PBMCs were isolated from 21 day old Aseel and Kadaknath chicks (n=4) and were subjected to RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis. The basal expression of ch-TLR 3, 4, 15 and 21 was studied using real time PCR with SYBR green chemistry using 18 S-rRNA as the housekeeping gene. Results: PBMCs isolated from Kadaknath chicks exhibited a significantly higher (p<0.05) constitutive expression of ch-TLR 3, ch-TLR 15 and ch-TLR 21 genes when compared to Aseel chicks. In comparison to Aseel, Kadaknath chicks recorded 14.774, 7.182 and 3.507 fold higher expressions of ch-TLR 3, ch-TLR 15 and ch-TLR 21 genes, respectively. In contrast, the constitutive expression of ch-TLR 4 was found to be higher (by 1.733 fold) in Aseel chicks.

Conclusion: Our results indicate that Kadaknath chicks are equipped with a better innate immune competence in comparison to Aseel chicks.

Keywords: Aseel, ch-TLR3, ch-TLR4, ch-TLR15, ch-TLR21, Kadaknath, Innate immune competence