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15. Neutrophils in Tuberculosis: will the code be unlocked? - K Karthik, M Kesavan, P Tamilmahan,

M Saravanan and M Dashprakash
Vet World. 2013; 6(2): 118-121

Tuberculosis is a devastating disease throughout the world both in humans and animals. Its history is vast, which dates back to era of Robert Koch. There is a huge amount of immunological studies in the aspect of tuberculosis but there remain many unanswered questions. Neutrophils, cells of First line defence are being neglected in tuberculosis. Macrophages are considered as the key player in case of tuberculosis. Researches reveal that neutrophils play some interesting roles; it can be called as a bi-directional weapon. It plays instrumental role in killing mycobacterium, recruiting macrophages and also works hand in hand with macrophages in order halt the spread of the organism. Neutrophils also activates innate immunity, secretes some substances like ectosomes, which favour in trapping the mycobacterial organisms. Whether neutrophils drills the mycobacterium or gets succumbed to it depends on the stage of infection. Neutrophils at times act like a suicidal bomber, by carrying the organisms to different organs and spreading the infections. In chronic cases they are also implicated to granuloma formation, the classic sign of TB.

Keywords: granuloma, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, neutrophil, trojan horse