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Review Article (Published online : 30-03-2013)

20. Heat detection techniques in cattle and buffalo - Thakur Krishna Shankar Rao, Niranjan Kumar, Pankaj Kumar, Shailendra Chaurasia and Navin B. Patel
Vet World. 2013; 6(6): 363-369

Proper heat detection to achieve appropriate timing of insemination is the biggest restriction in attaining high conception rate in dairy herd. The estrus detection is the key issue to be considered on priority basis. Inefficient heat detection reduces the fertility status of herd. Interventions in existing management practices manifest estrus nicely. Manifestation of estrus is due to effect of estrogen on Central Nervous System (CNS). The standing to be ridden is the best reliable sign of estrus. Ovulation time is well estimated by standing heat. Different factors are responsible which affect estrous behavior, out of which feeding and management interventions are one of the most important factor. For improving efficiency of heat detection in animal visual observation is best method, if it is done three times a day for at least 30 minutes every time, however heat detection aids, if used in combination give better results. The progesterone (P4) estimation in milk and ultrasound monitoring of ovary and reproductive tracts for estimation of ovulation time are other important methods. Ovulation time is very important point in dairy reproduction management, as optimum time for Artificial Insemination (A.I.) is based on, when ovulation takes place. It is already established that, estrus detection alone contributes considerably to reproductive status of the herd, therefore the need of the hour is critical observation of dairy herd to reduce incidence of unnoticed estrus.

Keywords: buffalo, cow, estrus, heat detection, ovulation