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Aims and Scope: Veterinary World publishes high quality and novelty papers focusing on Veterinary and Animal Science. The fields of study are bacteriology, parasitology, pathology, virology, immunology, mycology, public health, biotech-nology, meat science, fish diseases, nutrition, gynecology, surgery, genetics, prion diseases and epidemiology. Food animals, companion animals, equines, wild animals, laboratory animals and animal models of human infections are considered. Studies on zoonotic and emerging infections are highly appreciated. Review articles are highly appreciated.

All articles published by Veterinary World are made freely and permanently accessible online. All articles to Veterinary World are posted online immediately as they are ready for publication.

Audience: Veterinary World readers represent education, industry and govern-ment, including research, teaching, administration, veterinary medicine and technical services in more than 155 countries. Veterinary World is of interest to those in veterinary medicine, infectious diseases, public health, parasitology, food science, epidemiology, immunology, virology, bacteriology, nutrition, pathology, physiology, gynaecology, wildlife.

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Latest Articles

Research (Published online: 03-02-2016)

Hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects of pioglitazone, insulin and synbiotic in diabetic rats - K. Kavitha, A. Gopala Reddy, K. Kondal Reddy, C. S. V. Satish Kumar, G. Boobalan and K. Jayakanth

Veterinary World, 9(2): 118-122

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 03-02-2016)

Effect of heat shock protein 70 polymorphism on thermotolerance in Tharparkar cattle - Sandip Bhat, Pushpendra Kumar, Neeraj Kashyap, Bharti Deshmukh, Mahesh Shivanand Dige, Bharat Bhushan, Anuj Chauhan, Amit Kumar and Gyanendra Singh

Veterinary World, 9(2): 113-117

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 31-01-2016)

Comparison of rapid immunodiagnosis assay kit with molecular and immunopathological approaches for diagnosis of rabies in cattle - Ajaz Ahmad and C. K. Singh

Veterinary World, 9(1): 107-112

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 31-01-2016)

Anthelmintic activity of Indigofera tinctoria against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep - Ambalathaduvar Meenakshisundaram, Tirunelveli Jayagopal Harikrishnan and Thavasi Anna

Veterinary World, 9(1): 101-106

Abstract l PDF

Review (Published online: 29-01-2016)

Potential of acute phase proteins as predictor of postpartum uterine infections during transition period and its regulatory mechanism in dairy cattle - A. Manimaran, A. Kumaresan, S. Jeyakumar, T. K. Mohanty, V. Sejian, Narender Kumar, L. Sreela, M. Arul Prakash, P. Mooventhan, A. Anantharaj and D. N. Das

Veterinary World, 9(1): 91-100

Abstract l PDF

Review (Published online: 29-01-2016)

Recent developments in receptor tyrosine kinases targeted anticancer therapy - Samir H. Raval, Ratn D. Singh, Dilip V. Joshi, Hitesh B. Patel and Shailesh K. Mody

Veterinary World, 9(1): 80-90

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 21-01-2016)

Episodes of clinical mastitis and its relationship with duration of treatment and seasonality in crossbred cows maintained in organized dairy farm - Narender Kumar, A. Manimaran, A. Kumaresan, L. Sreela, Tapas Kumar Patbandha, Shiwani Tiwari and Subhash Chandra

Veterinary World, 9(1): 75-79

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 21-01-2016)

Prevalence of vero toxic Escherichia coli in fecal samples of domestic as well as wild ruminants in Mathura districts and Kanpur zoo - Raghavendra Prasad Mishra, Udit Jain, Basanti Bist, Amit Kumar Verma and Ashok Kumar

Veterinary World, 9(1): 71-74

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 20-01-2016)

Prevalence and characterization of multi-drug resistant Salmonella Enterica serovar Gallinarum biovar Pullorum and Gallinarum from chicken - Md. Shafiullah Parvej, K. H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir, M. Bahanur Rahman, Mueena Jahan, Mohammad Ferdousur Rahman Khan and Marzia Rahman

Veterinary World, 9(1): 65-70

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 20-01-2016)

Detection of Clostridium perfringens alpha toxin gene in lambs by loop mediated isothermal amplification - B. Radhika, N. Vinod Kumar and D. Sreenivasulu

Veterinary World, 9(1): 60-64

Abstract l PDF

Research (Published online: 15-01-2016)

Genetic structure of Mugil cephalus L. populations from the northern coast of Egypt - Mahmoud Magdy, Mariam Gergis Eshak and Mohamed Abdel-Salam Rashed

Veterinary World, 9(1): 53-59

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Research (Published online: 11-08-2014)

7. Detection of Mycobacte-rium avium subsp. paratuber-culosis from cattle and buffaloes in Egypt using traditional culture, serological and molecular based methods - G. S. Abdellrazeq, M. M. El-Naggar, S. A. Khaliel and A. E. Gamal-Eldin
Veterinary World, 7(8): 586-593

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