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2.    A laboratory outbreak investigation of post-monsoon endemic moist eczematous syndrome in cattle in Jhapa district of Nepal - Kedar Karki, Poornima Manandhar and Pragya Koirala 
Vet World. 2008; 1(8): 233-236



An endemic hyperemic moist eczematous syndrome was reported in Cattle and Buffaloes in Jhapa district of Nepal during month of September after prolong spell of drought followed by heavy rainfall causing water logging total 56 cattle and buffalo were affected and out of which 12 animal died. Rests of ill animals were treated with 5%of Antidegnala liquor and Penta-sulphate. Straw and Skin samples revealed Penicillium sp.Fungus.After long spell of drought period followed by repeated flooding in lowland area in tropical and subtropical there is likely increase risk of fungal infestation in forage fed to cattle buffaloes seems to be risky for occurence of Endemic Moist Eczamztous syndrome, either preventive measure for its prevention or early treatment with either with anti Degnala liquor or Use of pentasulphate seem to prevent loss from this condition.

Key words: Endemic hyperemic moist eczematous syndrome, Cattle and Buffaloes, Jhapa district, Nepal, Antidegnala liquor and Penta-sulphate, Penicillium sp.Fungus, postmonsoon.