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2.    Seasonal prevalence of gastrointestinal parasitism in goats at Nagpur - P. B. Chavan, P. S. Damle, H.J.Waghode, M.U. Bendre, V.P.Kurve, D.K.Maske 
Vet World. 2008; 1(12): 360


In a year round study,faecal samples of goats from selected villages (viz.,Chicholi,Bodhala, Takalghat ) of Nagpur district were collected during the year Oct-2007 to September 2008. Out of 779 faecal samples examined 513 were positive (65.85%). In rainy season out of 294 faecal samples examined 237 were positive (80.61%), while in winter out of 250 faecal samples examined 153 (61.20%) positive and in summer season out of 235 faecal samples examined 123 were positive (52.34%).

Keywords: Prevalence, Parasitism, Goat, Gastrointestinal, Economy.