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6.   Haematological changes in naturally infested dairy animal at central zone of vidarbha - A. S. Gadre, D. K. Maske, C. G. Panchbhai, T. R. Gawande, S.W. Kolte, A. R. Sirothia 
Vet World. 2008; 1(2): 47-48


A total of 2288 faecal samples collected from dairy animal of central zone of vidarbha region (Maharashtra) from July 2002 to June 2003 revealed 62.98% prevalence of helminthic infection. Paramphistomum sp. were predominant (12.28%) fallowed by Toxocara (10.97%). The percentage prevalence of monezia strongyloides , Haemonchrus, Fasciola Schistosoma, Trichuris, Oesophagostmum and Trichostongylus species were 8.96%, 6.99%,5.98%,3.81%,1.87%,1.00%, 0.96% respectively. The overall prevalence of nematode, trematode, cestode and mixed type of helminth infection was 41.63, 11.11 0.98 and 46.28 percent respectively. The helminth infection was most common encountered during and after rainy seasons. The infected animals showed significant reduction in Hb, PCV,TLC,TEC, neutrophils while lymphocytes and monocytes count did not significant.

Keywords: Natural Infestation, Faecal, Dairy animal, Haematological changes.