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5.    Effect of supplementation of manno-oligosaccharide and b-glucans on maize based meal on commercial broilers - R.C.Shendare, M.A. Gongle, A.B. Rajput, B.V.Wanjari, S.M. Mandlekar
Vet World. 2008; 1(1): 13-15


A study with 200 vencobb broilers was carried out to compare the effect of the use of Manno-Oligosaccharide & b-glucans of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall or growth promoter ( AGRIMOSŪ ) feed in the diet @ 1Kg /ton of feed to the broiler. Diets were based on maize meal. A completely randomized experimental design was used, and the obtained data were evaluated by analysis. The following parameters were measured: feed intake, daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio, and mortality. After 6 weeks of fattening, the avg. live weight of broilers in the experimental group was 1821.11g, while the average live weight of broilers in control group was 1712.22g (P<0.01). Supplementation of Manno-Oligosaccharide & b-glucans preparation influence the achievement of higher live weights of broilers from the experimental group (5.37%), compared to the control and enhanced feed conversion (8.45%). It was concluded that the effect of the inclusion of Manno-Oligosaccharide & b-glucans in the diet shows significantly higher body weight gain & improvement in feed efficiency as compared to the control diet. 

Keywords: Broiler diets, alternative growth promoters, additives in broiler diets.