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Haematological studies of Gaolao heifers - P. M. Kapale, D. G. Jagtap, D. M. Badukale and S. K. Sahatpure
Vet World. 2008; 1(1): 16


Hematological study of 15 healthy Gaolao heifers has been carried out. The mean S.E. values of total erythrocyte (10.30.34 million/cu mm), Hb (11.920.33 gm%), PCV (34.071.11%), MCV (33.140.75cu), MCH (11.630.32gm), MCHC (35.070.70%),TLC (9.510.92thousand/cmm), Lymphocytes (64.93 1.74%),Neutrophil (28.931.8%), Monocyte (2.20.34%), Basophil (0.20.11) and Eosinophil (3.7 0.44%) have been reported. 

Keywords: Blood, Haematological constituents, Gaolao.