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3.    Synchronisation of oestrus with prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue in non-descript cow - S. K. Sahatpure and M. S. Patil 
Vet World. 2008; 1(7): 203-204



Oestrus synchronization was undertaken in multiperous and cyclic ten Non descript cows (Group-I) and twelve crossbred cows (Group- II). All the animals were treated with two injections of Lutalyse (Dinoprost thromithamine) 25 mg each intramuscularly at 11 days apart. Out of 10, eight (80.00 percent) cows form Group-I and 12 (100.00 percent) cows from Group-II were responded to the treatment. The interval for onset of oestrus was slightly different in non descript cows than crossbred cows (54.502.60 Vs. 55-58 3.28 hours). There was non-significant difference observed for synchronized oestrus in Group-I and Group-II (21.250.881 Vs 20.830.814 hours). ln Group I the intensity of oestrus was intense in 2(25.00 per cent) cows, intermediate in 4(50.00 per cent) cows and weak in 2(25.00 per cent) cows. In Group-ll it was intense in 5(41.67 per cent) and intermediate in 7(58.33 per cent) cows.

Keywords: Synchronization, Oestrus, Non-descript, Cow, Prostaglandin,