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4.    Effect of herbal drugs on survivability of piglets - S. Kumar, A K Sinha, S K Singh, Balraj Singh, D Mahto and R K Verma
Vet World. 2008; 1(7): 205-206



The present study was conducted on 75 pigs (gilts and sows) of Tamworth and Desi (T&D) breed distributed in six groups. Different herbal treatment viz. Clemenstol syrup, Femelin, Lecorin plus and Asoka cordial in various stages of reproduction namely pubertal stage, periparturient stage, post farrowing stage and around weaning stage were given, Group I (C) for gilts and Group 2 (C1) for sows were kept as control, lower was observed during earlier ages i.e. during first seven days. Almost 100% survivability was recorded after 29th day of age. Piglet survivability was higher during latter ages i.e. 29th to 56th day of age in comparison to earlier ages i.e. from birth to 28th day of age. However, there was no definite trend observed in different treatment groups and were statistically non significant.

Keywords: Herbal Drugs, Survivability, Piglet, Reproduction, Gilt, Sow.