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5.    Helminth parasites in captive wild animals of Rajiv Gandhi zoological park - G. B. Shrikhande, Ashlesha K. Satpute, Suhasini S. Zanzad and D. K. Maske 
Vet World. 2008; 1(7): 207



The health status of Zoo animals varies with different factors such as management, feeding, environment, sanitation and season. The fecal sample of two male and three female white tiger, Four male and three female tiger and one female Wolf was examined for parasites as per standard technique. The faecal sample of one white tiger was found positive for Spirometra sp., Faecal sample of six tigers were positive for Toxoascaris sp. and fecal sample one wolf was positive for Paragonimus sp.

Keywords: Helminth, Parasite, Captive wild animals, Zoological park, Faecal sample, Management.