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5.    Haematological and biochemical changes during epidural xylazine hydrochloride anaesthesia in dogs

 - Farheen A. Fani, S. P. Mehesare, D. B. Pawshe, K. M. Khan and N. D. Jadhav 
Vet World. 2008; 1(6): 175-178



Atropine sulphate was given @ 0.04 mg/kg body weight I/M 15 minutes prior to the xylazine HCL anaesthesia @ 0.75 mg/kg body wt at the lumbosacral epidural space and haematological and biochemical parameters were evaluated. A significant decrease in haematological parameters viz. TEC, PCV, Hb and non-significant decrease in TLC and platelet count whereas significant increase in ESR was observed. A significant increase in serum glucose value was recorded while the other biochemical parameters like SGOT, SGPT, and BUN significantly altered whereas no change in serum creatinine value was also recorded.

Keywords: Xylazine hydrochloride, Atropine sulphate, haematological, biochemical.