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1.    Role of veterinarian in rural development of Khed taluka of Maharashtra state - Mr. Hrishikesh Shinde, Vaibhav Pawar, Ganesh Ghangale
Vet World. 2008; 1(5): 133-135



A study was carried out to determine the role of veterinarian in rural development in Khed taluka of Pune district. The survey was carried out in 19 villages of 4 subdivisions of Khed taluka by personnel interview and 210 farmers were screened. The study revealed that accessibility of veterinarian for 21.05 % (4) villages was below average, 73.68% (11) villages were average and 5.26% (1) villages were above average. The availability of veterinarian for 31.58 (6) villages was above average and rest 68.42% (13) were below average. The role in rural development of veterinarian was above average for 21.05% (4) villages, 36.84% (7) villages were average and rest 42.11% (8) villages were below average. The study also showed that 15.79% (3) villages were good, 42.12% (8) villages were average and 42.12% (8) villages were below average when total ranking of villages was done by block level veterinary service index.

Keywords: Veterinarian, Rural Development, Khed Taluka, Farmer, Village, Veterinary Service.