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4.    Prevalence of nematode parasites of ruminants at Nagpur - P. B. Chavhan, L. A. Khan, P. A. Raut, D. K. Maske, Shafiqur Rahman, K. S. Podchalwar and M. F. M. F. Siddiqui
Vet World. 2008; 1(5): 140



In a year round study, two villages, viz. Chicholi and Bodala of Nagpur district were selected for assessment of prevalence of nematode parasites of ruminants. Out of 615 animals examined 242 were positive (39.34%) for nematode infection. The infection rate in buffalo, cattle and goat was 41.63, 32.18 and 51.94%, respectively. Higher infection was recorded during monsoon (63.07%) followed by winter (32.22%) and summer (21.33%). The percentage of animals infected with Haemoncchus sp., Toxocara sp., Trichuris sp., Strongyloides sp. and mixed infection was found to be 38.01, 27.68, 14.87, 11.98 and 7.43%, respectively.

Keywords : Ruminants, Nematodiasis, Nagpur