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4.    Prevalence of sarcocystosis in goats slaughtered at an abattoir in Bangalore, Karnataka state - Arun M. Dafedar, Placid E. D’ Souza, K. J. Ananda, and G.C.Puttalakshmamma 
Vet World. 2008; 1(11): 335-337


The species wise prevalence of sarcocystosis in goats was recorded as 72.24 and 21.12 percent for S.capracanis andS.hircicanis species, respectively. The mixed infections with both species were observed in 14.08 percent of the animals. The organ wise prevalence was found to be of 69.45, 36.10, 62.50, and 12.5 percent in oesophagus, heart, diaphragm and tongue, respectively. Morphologically both S.capracanis and S.hircicanis were microscopic, elongated, spindle-shaped and both ends were tapering. The sarcocysts of S.capracanis measured 898 to 1009 mm in length and 52 to 168 mm in width with an average of 540 50 mm and 72.5 13 mm. Where as the sarcocyst of S.hircicanis measured 760 to 1600 mm in length and 65 to 180 mm in width with average measurements of 980 10 mm and 110 3.5 mm.

Keywords: Prevalence, S.capracanis, S.hircicanis, Goat, Morphology, Micrometry