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5.    Haematological changes in cattle associated with arthropods infestation - P. A. Raut, V. G. Sonkhusale, L. A. Khan, M. K. Nakade, N. S. Pagrut and A. M. Bodkhe 
Vet World. 2008; 1(11): 338-339


A total of 847 animals inspected from Jan.2007 to Dec.2007 for the assessment of prevalence of ticks infestation of cattles. Out of 847 animals examined 612 were positive (72.26%) for arthropods infestation at Nagpur and around villages.Among arthropods infestation, ticks (52.78%), lice (19.93%) , flies (9.48%) and mixed (17.81%) were observed. Out of these observations ticks sp. were Rhipicephalus Sp. (60.99%), Hyolomma sp. (20.74%) and Boophilus sp. (18.27%), Lice sp were Linognathus sp. (44.26%) and Haematopinus sp. (55.74%) and flies sp. Hippobosca sp. (67.24%) and Stomoxys sp.(32.76%) were identified.Haematological findings shows decrease in Hb,PCV,TEC and TLC where as Lymphocyte and Eosinophyl count was higher than normal.

Keywords: Haematology, Cattle, Arthropod, Infestation, Prevalence, Village, Tick, Lice, Flea