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2.    Prevalence and haemato-biochemical studies of gastro-intestinal parasites of Indian elephants (Elephas maximus) - R. G. Jani 
Vet World. 2008; 1(10): 296-298

Faecal samples were collected from 40 Indian elephants (Elephas maximus) revealed 62.5 percent parasitic prevalence. Amongst the single infection of parasites, high prevalence of Fasciolias spp. (15.00 %) was observed followed by percent prevalence of mixed infection. Elephants harbouring parasites were found clinically dull, depressed and lethargic. About 48 percent elephants manifested dehydration and loose faeces grossly along with a habit of soil licking. The haematological studies of elephants harbouring parasites revealed mild anaemia and eosinophilia where as biochemical studies revealed non-significant hypoproteinemia on comparison with elephants that were not harbouring parasites.

Keywords: Elephant, prevalence, haematological, biochemical.