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7.    Histomorphology of the pulmonary alveoli of goat (Capra hircus) - M.A. Baba and A. R. Choudhary 
Vet World. 2008; 1(10): 312-313

Histomorphological studies were conducted on the pulmonary alveoli of ten adult healthy goats of either sex. The alveoli were roughly spherical structures, which opened into the alveolar ducts and alveolar sacs or respiratory bronchioles. Alveoli were composed of two types of cells i.e. Type-I pneumocytes and Type-II pneumocytes. Former formed the main lining epithelial cells of alveoli which were squamous in type having prominent perinuclear area and centrally located nucleus, while the later were cuboidal in shape with centrally located nucleus and occasionally found among the Type-I cells in the alveolar epithelium. The average alveolar diameter was 45.28 ▒ 1.81 Ám and the average thickness of inter alveolar septa was 6.64 ▒ 0.35 Ám.

Key words: Histomorphology, pulmonary alveoli and goat