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8.    Nutritive value of soybean straw in Osmanabadi kids - R. S. Mule, R. P. Barbind, S. V. Baswade, D. T. Samale and S. B. Adangale 
Vet World. 2008; 1(10): 314-316

Eighteen weaned kids with similar age (3 months) and body weights were selected for the experiment and distributed to different 3 groups, each consists of six kids viz. (T0) with recommended feeding including available green (Lucerne) and dry fodder (jowar kadbi) plus required concentrate (Home mode) on DM basis as per requirement;  (T1) with 50% soybean straw on DM basis and remaining 50% DM from available green (Lucerne) and dry fodder (jowar kadbi) and concentrate (Home made). While (T2) with 100% DM from soybean straw plus concentrate (Home made). As such two feeding trials were conducted, first trial was preceded by seven days as pre-experimental period. From the result of the present study, the inclusion of soybean straw on DM basis in growing kids was found palatable and superior. Similarly, it was found to be most economical for growing kids instead of Jowar straw.

Keywords: Nutritive Value, Soybean Straw, Osmanabadi kids, feeding, Dry matter.