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1.    Comparison of different diagnostic techniques against fasciolosis in buffaloes - M. M. Salam, A. Maqbool, A. Naureen and M. Lateef
Vet World. 2009; 2(4): 129-132


The present study was conducted to compare different diagnostic tests viz., Direct Smear (DS), Agar gel precipitation (AGP), Sedimentation (Sd), and Zinc Sulfate (ZnSO4) flotation for fasciolosis in dairy buffaloes as well as the economic losses due to fasciolosis. A total of 200 faecal samples were examined and DS, AGP, Sd, and ZnSO4 flotation techniques showed an overall prevalence of 2, 8, 5 and 4%, respectively. The highest agreement was observed between Sd and ZnSO4 (0.88, 95%CI; 0.74-1.02) followed by AGP and Sd (0.75, 95%CI; 0.62-0.88), ZnSO4 and DS (0.65, 95%CI; 0.52-0.78), AGP and ZnSO4 (0.648, 95%CI; 0.51-0.77), DS and Sd (0.55, 95%CI; 0.43-0.68), and DSM and AGP (0.38, 95%CI; 0.27-0.48). By taking DS as a gold standard, all tests showed 100 percent sensitivity results and same trend was observed in case of negative predictive values (NPV). Highest specificity was shown by ZnSO4, followed by Sd and AGP. Similar trends were observed in the positive predictive values (PPV). Then, by taking AGP as gold standard, all tests showed 100 percent specificity and positive predictive values (PPV) while, Sd showed highest sensitivity followed by ZnSO4 and AGP and similar trend was observed regarding NPV of tests. To this end, most effective test is AGP followed by Sd, ZnSO4 and DS method. Moreover, AGP is the most suitable method for diagnosing the fasciolosis in early stages. Total economic losses due to fasciolosis during three months (Oct. – Dec. 2004) were found very high i.e Rs. 1016400.

Keywords: Fasciola hepatica, comparison, diagnostic tests, buffaloes