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8.    Chronic Hematuria in a Camel : A case report - Sudhakar G. Bhandare
Vet World. 2009; 2(4): 1


Uraemic toxemia is a condition resulting due to the retention of toxic waste metabolite of urine like urea, creatinine etc. in the blood. Which may prove fatal many a times. The retention of urine may be a sequelee of severe dehydration leading to oliguria followed by anuria or due to the nephritis in a animals. It has been observed that nephritis is oftenly associated with pyometra also. In the present study the elevated levels of urea and creatinine were alarmingly elevated and was life threatening also. However the timely diagnosis & surgical intervention could save and prolong the life of bitch.

Keywords: Therapeutic, Uraemia, Toxaemia, Bitch, Management.