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7.    Effectiveness of conventional and alternative therapy in treatment of respiratory infections in poultry - Mujeeb Ather, K. Ravikanth, D. S. Rekhe and S. Maini

Veterinary World 2(8): 313-316


A flock of 12000 commercial broilers of 3 weeks age were observed to exhibit the clinical signs like, dullness, anorexia, sneezing, coughing with facial edema, which was tentatively diagnosed for respiratory disease (RD). For treatment these birds were divided into two groups A and B each comprised of 6000 birds. Group A birds were treated with enrofloxacin (10%) liquid @ 10 mg/kg body weight for 5 days and group B received polyherbal formulation AV/CRP/11 (new coded formulation supplied by Ayurvet Limited, Baddi India) @ 20 ml/100 birds for 5 days. The parameters studied were clinical signs, growth, performance, morbidity, livability, mortality, post mortem findings (gross lesions), air sac and intestinal lesion scores and histopathological changes. Both treatments showed improvement in average growth and performance parameters with recovery in clinical signs, histopathological alterations, morbidity and mortality percentage and enhanced livability. The polyherbal formulation was found to be equally efficacious like Enrofloxacin in treating respiratory disease.

Key words: Broilers, Histo-pathology, Enrofloxacin, Respiratory infection, Alternative Therapy.