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3.    Incidence of mixed infection in coryza Cases - Gayatri Rajurkar, Ashish Roy and Mahendra Yadav

Veterinary World 2(12):462-464


Diseases of the respiratory tract are a significant component of the overall disease incidence in poultry. In many cases, respiratory disease observed in a flock may be a component of a multi-systemic disease or it may be the predominant disease with lesser involvement of other organ systems. In some cases, such as infectious coryza the disease may be limited to the respiratory system, at least initially. Various pathogens may initiate respiratory disease in poultry, including a variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Environmental factors may augment these pathogens to produce the clinically observed signs and lesions. During present study, an attempt was made to isolate H. paragallinarum from the nasal swabs, eye swabs (from live birds) and caseous infra orbital sinus and tracheal exudates swabs from dead birds from commercial poultry farms Anand, Kheda and Mahuaregion of Saurashtra area of Gujrat state. During the present study 6 H. paragallinarum isolates were obtained from 109 samples suspected of Infectious coryza infection.

Keywords: Poultry, Mixed infection, Respiratory Disease.