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6.    Efficacy study of Styplon vet bolus as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic conditions of ruminants - B. R. Ravikumar, D. Mohan and V. G. Bhagwat

Veterinary World 2(12):470-471


On-field trial was conducted in dairy animals to evaluate efficacy of Styplon Vet Bolus (M/s Himalaya Drug Company, Banglore, India) as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic conditions (Hematuria, hemoagalectia, bleeding wounds, uterine bleeding and epistaxis) of ruminants.Styplon Vet 1-2 boli twice daily was administered to cows and buffaloes, and bolus twice daily for sheep till they recover clinically. The results indicated that Styplon Vet Bolus is a safe and effective styptic in ruminants.

Key words: Ruminants, hemorrhagic condition, Styptic.