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9.    Bovine in vitro embryo production : An overview - V. S. Suthar and R. G. Shah

Veterinary World 2(12):478-479


Dairy industry perfected the application of the first reproductive biotechnology, i.e. artificial insemination (AI) - a great success story and also remains the user of embryo transfer technology (ETT).  In addition, recently the researchers taking interest to embraced the field of Transvaginal OocyteRecovery (TVOR) and in vitro production (IVEP) of embryos. IVF provides the starting point for the generation of reproductive material for a number of advanced reproduction techniques including sperm microinjection and nuclear transfer (cloning). In several countries commercial IVF facilities are already being employed by cattle ET operators. Various research groups have reported on modification of TVOR technique to give greater efficiency. Much research is still needed in domestic animal (Especially Indian species) on mechanisms controlling embryo development and on development of totally in vitro system for embryo culture.

Keywords: Reproductive Biotechnology, Transvaginal Oocyte Recovery, In Vitro Embryo Production.