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11.  Corneal opacity due to Setaria digitata in a jersey cross-bred cow and its surgical management - K. Mohan, K. J. Ananda, N. B. Shridhar, G. C. Puttalakshmamma and Placid E. D’Souza 
Vet World. 2009; 2(2): 69-70


A Jersey cross bred cow brought to the peripheral hospital, Uttara Kannada with clinical signs of lacrimation, corneal opacity, bleophorospasm and presence of white thread like worm in its anterior chamber of the right eye. The worm was surgically removed by limbal incision and an adequate postoperative care was taken for early recovery. The worm was morphologically identified as Setaria digitata. The cow attains normal sight in 3 weeks postoperatively.

Keywords: Jersey cow, corneal opacity, Setaria digitata, Worm, Lacrimation.