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14.  Theloscopy - The advancement in teat surgery and diagnosis - S. U. Rathod, P. M. Khodwe, R. D. Raibole and S. H. Vyavahare
Vet World. 2009; 2(1): 34-37


Teat endoscopy is an excellent diagnostic procedure for covered teat injuries. Minimal invasive surgical therapy with the help of teat endoscopy. The teat endoscopy provided exact condition of the mucosa, intensity/grade and eventual duration of pathological changes. Theloscopy requires minimum time for giving accurate diagnosis about the internal teat injuries. By using theloscopy milk flow disorder can be diagnosed easily and precisely. Theloscopy allows to treat injuries according to a précised diagnosis and to monitor the treatment.

Keywords: Teat, Surgery, Diagnosis, Theloscope, Milk, Disorder