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3.    Evaluation of ten sire families of crossbred dairy cattle of Kerala based on milk production and milk composition traits - Naicy Thomas and K. Anilkumar
Vet World. 2009; 2(1): 10-12

Data on production performance of 200 animals maintained at University Livestock Farm, Kerala Agricultural University, Mannuthy and Cattle Breeding Farm, Thumburmuzhi were used for the study. Among the eight economically important traits [305 day milk yield, fat percentage, protein percentage, SNF(Solids not fat), total solids, peak yield, days to attain peak yield and AFC(Age at first calving)], milk fat percentage and AFC had significant difference among the families. The families of Deva, Bull No.250 and Hakkim showed significantly lower milk fat percentage compared to the other seven families. The AFC of the families of Dipesh, Onkar and Gopal was significantly higher from the other seven sire families.

Keywords: Sire, Crossbred, Dairy Cattle, Milk, Production, Composition, Trait, Family, Evaluation, Milk yield.