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9.    Alteration of enzyme aspartate transaminase in goat milk related to udder health status - M. V. Khodke, S. W. Bonde and R. B. Ambade
Vet World. 2009; 2(1): 24-26


The present experiment was conducted to study variations in milk SCC and pH, along with activity of whey enzyme Aspartate transaminase (AST) in relation to different udder health status of goats. The average values of milk SCC, pH, and AST differed significantly (P<0.01) among various udder health status of goat. The mean difference for SCC of milk showed significant (P<0.01) differences for all the comparisons varying from 6.88 to 41.88 x 105 cells/ml. The average milk pH values ranged from 6.40 0.09 to 7.36 0.01. The milk SCC and pH increased by 1.039 x 105 cells/ml and 0.24 respectively for each unit rise in CMT score. Similarly, the activity of AST increased by 14.04 AST U/ml for each unit rise in CMT scores.

Keywords: Alteration, pH, Somatic Cell Count, Aspartate transaminase, CMT, Goat, Udder, Health, Milk.