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11.  Weekly milk producation trends in early lactation period of Nagpuri buffalo - M. G. Sahare, A. D. Sawaimul, S. Z. Ali, A. R. Sirothia and G. R. Bhojane 
Vet World. 2009; 2(7): 278-279


Nagpuri breed of buffalo is recognized breed, mostly found in Central India particularly in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.The early milk production record were collected for each buffalo from 1st week of lactation to 15th week of lactation .The weekly milk production of Nagpuri buffalo was found to be 35.19 0.3 kg with a range 16.22 0.77 to 41.5 0.28 kg .The overall variability found in early milk production was 12.16% .The variation in production in early lactation period between the animal up to the 15th  week of lactation where non-significant.

Keywords:  Early production trait, Milk production, Buffalo, Lacatation.