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12.  Efficacy of Hit-O-Gen, a homeopathic preparation for management of anoestrus in buffaloes - B. S. Chandel, A. I. Dadawala, H. C. Chauhan, H. R. Parsani and Pankaj Kumar
Vet World. 2009; 2(7): 280


A total of 140 buffaloes were included for the present study. All the animals were per rectally examined twice at the interval of 8-10 days for the presence of any palpable structures (fotlicle or CL) on the ovaries. Out of 140 buffaloes 104 were treated with Hit-O-Gen (a combination of Homoeopathic drugs) contains Alteris Farlnosa 1M, Folliculinum 1M, Oophorinum 1M, Pitutry 1M) two tablets (One in morning, one in evening) as per the instruction of the firm and other 36 buffaloes served as a control without any treatment. Out of 140 treated animals 100 (71.42%) exhibited estrus at the average interval of 8.36 days (range 4-15 days).

Keywords: Anoestrus, Homeopathy, Management, Reproduction.