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4.    Clinical laboratory investigation of moldy straw poisoning in cattle in Kathmandu valley - Kedar Karki, Krishna Raj Panday, Purnima Manandhar, Salina Manandhar, Pragya Koirala 
Vet World. 2009; 2(7): 261-262


Unidentified disease was characterized by hypersensitivity, incoordination, a peculiar stiff-legged gait of the hind legs, severe generalized tumors of the skeletal muscles, progressive paresis, paralysis and constipation and death was reported in a cattle herd of 82 in Kathmandu valley in 2009 which was maintained in moldy rice straw feeding. The most notable gross pathological lesions in one bull and two cows which died were degenerative and necrotic changes in certain skeletal muscles, hemorrhages on the serosal surfaces, especially on the dorsal aspect of the rumen, and gastro-intestinal stasis. Samples of rice straw, feed and tissue samples of rumen,reticulum,liver revealed the growth of fungus species penicillum and when rest of animals in herds were treated with Anti Deg Nala liquor the general health of rest of animal steel feeding the rice straw and same sources of feed improved and mortality checked.

Key words: Cattle, Moldy Straw, incoordination, stiff-legged gait of the hind legs, tumors of the skeletal muscles, Penicillium, Anti degnala liquor.