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5.  Leptospriosis in sheep and its diagnosis - Shivaraj, M.D. Venkatesha, Rajkumari Sanjukta, K. Sripad, Sanjeevkumar, B. M. Chandranaik, and C. Renukaprasad 
Vet World. 2009; 2(7): 263-264


The present study was carried out to screen or detect the leptospires in the migratory flocks of sheep in Karnataka. A total of 60 blood, tissue and urine samples were collected from the migratory sheep flock in the area of Shimogga and Belgaum districts of Karnataka with clinical manifestation. The samples were subjected to screening for leptospirosis by Dark Field Microscopy (DFM), Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), isolation and identification studies. It was found that out of total 60 samples 2 samples were positive by PCR. However none of the samples were found positive by other tests.

Keywords: DFM, Isolation and identification studies, Leptospirosis, PCR, Sheep.