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9.  Coprological Diagnosis of Ovine Schistosomosis by different laboratory techniques - Sumi Cherian and Placid.E.D’Souza 
Vet World. 2009; 2(7): 271-273


Schistosomosis, a chronic and wasting illness of livestock has been underestimated and undiagnosed due to various intrinsic factors. The diagnosis of the disease in small ruminants, especially in sheep, has not received due attention, inspite of the striking reports of mortality from many parts of the country. In the present investigation, the efficacy of four different methods viz., Direct Examination, Formal Ether Technique, Alkaline Digestion and Miracidial Hatching Test were evaluated for the detection of ovine schistosomosis.  Faecal samples from 650 sheep belonging to 15 districts of Karnataka were screened for schistosome egg or miracidia, out of which 44 (6.76%) samples were positive. Majority of the cases had Schistosoma indicum

infection (93.1 %) and very few were positive forS.spindale. Miracidial Hatching Test was found to be superior in detecting natural ovine schistosomosis, followed by Alkaline Digestion and Formal Ether Technique. Direct examination detected none of the cases as positive.

Keywords: Livestock, Schistosomosis, Laboratory Technique, Coprological Diagnosis, Small Ruminant, Wasting illness.