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11.  Influence of calcium and phosphorus supplements with synergistic herbs on egg shell quality in late layers - R. K. Sharma, K. Ravikanth, S. Maini, D. S. Rekhe and S. K. Rastogi
Vet World. 2009; 2(6): 231-233


A study was conducted in 55 week old laying hen (n=225) to determine efficacy of calcium and phosphorus supplements in improving egg and shell quality traits. Birds were randomly divided into three groups, one control and two treatments. Group I (control) was offered basal diet without any additional supplement source of Calcium and phosphorus. Group II was supplemented Ayucal liquid (Dabur Ayurvet Ltd.) @15ml/ 100 birds/ day in drinking water and group III administered Ayucal premix@15g/ 100 birds/ day in feed from 55th- 62nd week age. Parameters studied were egg weight, shell thickness, breaking strength, number of shell defects and specific gravity of egg. Results of experiemental study revealed that supplementation of Ayucal liquid & Ayucal premix (supplied by Ayurvet Ltd. Baddi, India) improved overall egg and shell quality traits that can be correlated well with the activity of herbal constituents of the products owing calcium and phosphorus mineralization properties.

Keywords: Calcium, Phosphorus, Synergistic herbs, Egg Shell, Egg, late layers.