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2.    Study of antipyretic activity of Bauhinia racemosa lam in rats - V. I. Borikar, C. R. Jangde, Preety Philip, D.S. Rekhe and S. K. Atole
Vet World. 2009; 2(6): 215-216


The study was conducted to screen the antipyretic activity of alcoholic extract of the stem bark of Bauhinia racemosa Lam. as per the method described by Bhalla Thirty six healthy rats weighing between 200-250gms were divided into six groups of six animals each, with 50% sex ratio. The initial rectal temperature of each animal was recorded by digital thermometer and its hourly variation was noted for 3 hours. The pyrexia was induced by injecting a suspension of 15% of brewer’s yeast and 2% gum acacia in normal saline sub-cutaneously below the nape of neck @ 1ml/100gm of animal weight. The difference in temperature between 0 hour and respective time interval was found out by statistical method. The potency of extract to bring down the temperature was compared with that of the control group. The extract showed marked antipyretic activity in a dose dependent manner.

Keywords: Bauhinia racemosa, brewer’s yeast, gum acacia