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10.  Constraints faced by the dairy farmers in Nagpur district while adopting animal managenment Practices - A. P. Patil, S. H. Gawande, M. P. Nande and M. R. Gobade 

Vet World. 2009; 2(3): 111-112


The present study was carried out to analyse the constraints faced by the dairy farmers in Nagpur district. This study was conducted in 15 villages from 3 talukas of Nagpur district by personally interviewing 225 dairy farmers. Here, majority of the respondents (72.44%) stated their constraint as low milk production from the local breeds, 45.33% as shortage of green fodder and 41.33% as lack of clean water while 25.33% stated lack of preservation facility as their constraint. Referring to the financial constraints, 78.22% respondents stated their constraint as delay in milk payment, 63.11% as inadequate money and lack of loan facility whereas high cost of concentrates as the constraint by 56.44% of the respondents. As regards technical constraints, majority of the respondents (68.00%) have stated their constraint as inadequate knowledge of diseases, their prevention and control while 56.89% have referred their constraint as non-availability of veterinary services.

Keywords: Constraints, Dairy Farmers, Nagpur District, Animal Management Practices.