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6.    Path coefficient analysis of buffalo production in Buldana district of Maharashtra - K U Bidwe, S D Chavan, S P Nage and P H Bansod 
Vet World. 2009; 2(3): 103-104


A study entitled “Decomposition analysis of buffalo production in Buldana District was undertaken to ascertain the technological changes in term of breeding, feeding, housing, milking and calf management practices of buffalo. The path coefficient analysis of this study clearly demonstrated that daily milk production in buffaloes was influenced substantially by a single factor i.e management index. A combination of all the management practices in the form of overall management status on the rearing was responsible to influence the daily milk yield. However, rearing of good potential animals, feeding of sufficient amounts of dry and green fodder with required amount of concentrates to fulfill the nutritional requirements could favour the milk production in buffaloes. All these factors exhibited positive direct effect on milk production. The indirect effects were also found in positive direction, resulting a positive significant correlation for these factors.

Keywords: Analysis, Buffalo, Breeding, Feeding, Housing, Milking, Calf Management