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1.    Occurence of cysticercosis in cattle and buffaloes and Taenia saginata in man in Assiut governance of Egypt - R N Abdo Basem, Amal S M Sayed, Asmaa A A Hussein, Mohsen I Arafa
Vet World. 2009; 2(5): 173-176


doi: 10.5455/vetworld.2009.173-176


Taeniasis is an important foodborne parasitic disease worldwide. This study aimed to determine the occurrence of cysticercosis in cattle and buffaloes and discussing its public health importance in Assiut Governorate, Upper Egypt. The occurrence of cysticercosis among examined cattle and buffaloes was 1.6 % and 0.8 % respectively. Female cattle and buffaloes were more susceptible to bovine cysticercosis (2.7% and 1.3%) than males (1.4% & 0.5%), respectively. There was a positive relationship between the age of the examined animals and the occurrence of bovine cysticercosis. The higher occurrence was recorded among cattle and buffaloes above 2 years (2.7% and 0.9%) than those below 2 years (1.1% and 0.6%), respectively. Detailed meat inspection showed to be sensitive (1.6%) than routine meat inspection (1.4%).Taeniasis was detected in 0.6% of examined patients with gastroenteritis. The infection rate of taeniasis among males was 1.6 % while, it was not detected in females. In conclusion, results obtained in this study confirm that cysticercosis is endemic among cattle and buffaloes. Detailed meat inspection is recommended than routine meat inspection.

Keywords: Foodborne parasite, Cysticercosis, Taeniasis, Zoonosis.