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10.  Assessment of knowledge level of dairy farmers in Nagpur district and the co-relation between socio-economic variables with their training needs - A. P. Patil, S. H. Gawande, M. P. Nande and M. R. Gobade
Vet World. 2009; 2(5): 199-201


The present study was carried out to assess the knowledge level of dairy farmers in Nagpur district and to find the co-relation between the socio-economic variables and the training needs. This study was conducted in 15 villages from 3 talukas of Nagpur district by personally interviewing 225 dairy farmers. Here, majority of the respondents (55.11%) had medium level of knowledge followed by the respondents with high level of knowledge (24.00%) while some of the respondents (20.89%) had low level of knowledge. The study of co-relation between socio-economic variables of the respondents showed that variables like education (0.437), herd size (0.486), annual income (0.445), daily milk production (0.583), daily milk sale (0.486), social participation (0.500) and the knowledge (0.634) were significantly and positively co-related with the training needs. Whereas, variables like age (0.043), family size (0.103) and land holding (0.084) were found to be positively but non-significantly co-related with the training needs while, the caste (-0.093) was found to be negatively and non-significantly co-related with the training needs at 0.05% level of probability. 

Keywords: Knowledge level, Co-relation, Socio-economic variables, Training needs.