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4.    Effect of replacing groundnut cake by soybean meal on performance of broilers - V. N. Ghadge, B. T. Upase and P. V. Patil
Vet World. 2009; 2(5): 183-184


Two hundred day old broiler chicks were randomly distributed in five groups with two replicates. Soybean meal.at25, 50, 50 and 100percent levels replaced groundnut cake of control diet. The overall data indicated that the weight gain of birds fed with 75 percent Soybean meal was significantly (p<0.01) higher than other treatments Feed consumption was significantly (P<0.01) more at 75 percent Soybean meal replacement than other treatment diets. Feed efficiency was best at 100 percent replacement as compared to other treatment. The proximate composition revealed that CP, EE, and total ash of Soybean meal were higher and CF, ME was lower than groundnut cake. It may be inferred that Soybean may be economical at 75 percent and 100 percent replacement.

Keywords: Groundnut cake, Soybean meal, Broilers, Performance.