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9.    Haematological profile and growth performance of goats under transportation stress - B. Ambore, K. Ravikanth, S. Maini, and D. S. Rekhe
Vet World. 2009; 2(5): 195-198


Stress in caprine lowers overall growth, performance and induces various haematological alterations. A study was conducted in 24 Osmanabadi goats divided randomly into four groups; negative control (I), positive control (II), treated groups III & IV. Group III was given Restobal liquid@20 ml/animal bid & group IV, Stresomix premix@5gm/day/animal with gur for 10 days. Group II, III, IV were subjected to transportation stress on day 10th. Pre-load and post-load transported goats were weighed to assess the weight loss during the journey and blood samples were collected for haematological evaluation. Administration of both the antistressor, immunomodulator and performance enhancer formulations to goats prior to their transportation was found safe and efficacious as evident by significantly lesser shrinkage of body weight and normalization of physiological and haematological parameters.

Keywords: transportation, stress, goat, polyherbal, weight shrinkage.