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6.    Haemato-biochemical alterations induced by lead acetate toxicity in wistar rats - S.G. Suradkar, D.J.Ghodasara, Priti Vihol, Jatin Patel, Vikas Jaiswal and K.S. Prajapati

Veterinary World 2(11):429-431


An experiment was conducted to study the haemato-biochemical alterations induced by lead acetate toxicity in 48 Wistar rats of either sex, divided uniformly into four different groups. The rats of group I received only deionised water as control while, group II, III and IV were given lead acetate @ 1 PPM, 100 PPM and 1000 PPM, in drinking deionised water respectively for 28 days. In group III and IV dose dependant significant (P<0.05) reductions in TEC, Hb, PCV and TLC were observed. No significant change was observed in neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil and monocyte count in any treatment groups, whereas the lymphocyte count decreased significantly (P<0.05) in group III and IV. A dose dependant significant (P<0.05) increase in AST, ALP, AKP, GGT, BUN and creatinine was experiential while TP and albumin levels were decreased in group III and IV.
Keywords: Biochemical, Haematology, Lead acetate, Wistar rats, Toxicity.