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7.    Growth and haematological alterations in broiler chicken during overcrowding stress - P. T. Lokhande, G. B. Kulkarni, K. Ravikanth, S. Maini and D. S. Rekhe

Veterinary World 2(11):432-434


Overcrowding of broiler chicks due to less space induced harmful effects which act as predisposing factor in reduction of production and performance in poultry. Supplementation of antistressor products can ameliorate adverse effect of various stressors in poultry. An experiment was designed by inducing overcrowding stress and its management by supplementation of polyherbal antistressor, adaptogenic and immunomodulator formulation Stresroak in broiler chicken. One hundred and fifty day old broiler chicks were randomly divided into five groups of 30 chicks each. Groups I, II and III served as control and were offered with basal diet only. Group I served as control with normal space. The chicks in groups II and III (positive control) were provided space 25% and 50% lesser than normal, respectively. The bird in therapeutic group IV and V were provided 25% and 50% less space along with antistressor Stresroak @1g/1kg of feed, respectively. Growth and performance related parameters like feed consumption, body weight, feed conversion ration (FCR) were evaluated in addition to haematological parameters. Polyherbal formulation not only improved growth and performance in birds, but also normalized the haematological parameters. It was concluded that Stresroak exhibits antistressor and adaptogenic activity to ameliorate the overcrowding stress in poultry.
Keywords: stressors, overcrowding, haemoconcentration, polyherbal.