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2.    Induction of oestrus using cloprostenol by intra vulvo-sub mucosal route in sub-oestrus buffalo - G. D. Totewad, R. L. Dhoble, A.G. Sawale, P. M. Naik and M. N. Ambore

Veterinary World 2(10):381-382


The present experiment was undertaken to study the clinical efficacy of PGF2-a (Clostenol, M/s. Zydus Animal Health Ltd.,India.) by intravulvo-submucosal route for induction of estrus in buffalo. Total 20 postpartum buffalo were selected from BuffaloResearch and Instructional Farm, COVAS, Parbhani. The animals from group-I (IVSM) reported 80 per cent induction of estrus with mean time interval between treatment and onset of estrus as 83.70 + 2.50h., average duration of estrus was 21.80 + 1.41h while conception rate was found to be 80 per cent. The animals from group-II (control group) also reported 80 per cent induced estrus; average duration of estrus was 22.6+0.92 hr, while the conception rate was 40 per cent.
Keywords: PGF2 a, Conception rate, Intravulvo-submucosal route.